Opportunities to learn God's Word
(Ages 3 through 18)


Generations of Grace is designed to magnify God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture.
We can better understand who He is and how we are to respond to Him by studying how
His redemptive plan has unfolded and how He has used men to accomplish His purposes. 

Taught by: Mary Tew
Ages 3 and up


We have a ministry dedicated to helping our older kids through High School age
learn God's Word better. This Sunday School class is Gospel-focused, discussion-based, 
and built on the Word of God. We have fun, but we take God seriously. 

Led by: Trent and Gabriella McCormick
Ages 10 and up

Our workers have been checked against the National Sex Offender Database
and have been trained in proper conduct and safety measures. 


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