Our Beliefs

1. There is only one God--the God of the Bible. He exists in three equal Persons: Father, Son
(Jesus), and Holy Spirit, yet is One God.

2. Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man, He is not created, but is eternal. He lived a sinless life, died on the
cross, and rose from dead, taking our punishment and now offers new life and forgiveness lo those who
would trust and follow Him.

3. The Bible is God's Word, it is perfect, and tells us what we must believe and how we must live.

4. We are only saved by God's grace. Salvation is through faith in Jesus and His death and resurrection.
We are saved when we turn from our sins and trust Christ alone for our salvation.

5. We are not saved by our good works like: going to church, being baptized, saying prayers, giving
money to church, living a good life, sacraments, or anything like that. The Bible teaches us that salvation is
by God's grace.

6. We believe when someone is saved, they will stay saved for eternity. Salvation cannot be lost
once God gives it. However, this does not mean we get to live however we want. A truly saved person will
come to hate their sin and have a desire to please God in all areas of their life.

7. The Holy Spirit enters us when we are saved. It is not a second blessing. Everyone who trusts
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior receives the Holy Spirit. We teach the gifts of healing and speaking in
tongues took place in the Bible, but are not common or even present at all today, and if they were to take
place, it must be 100% in agreement with the Bible.

8. The church is made up of God's people. In order to be part of a church, you must be saved and
baptized. The church has an obligation to encourage, love, and pray for one another, and help
prevent her members through falling into sin. This may require discipline for serious matters.

9. Baptism is for those who have trusted Christ as the Savior. Baptism means to go under the water, so we
practice baptism in that way. Also, baptism does not save, it is simply a public testimony.

10. Pastors and deacons are church offices that the Bible has given to men. That does not diminish
the importance of women in the church. We believe men and women are 100% equal, but given different
types of jobs to do in the church. (see 1 Timothy, chapter 3)

11. We believe marriage is only between one man and one woman for life. Divorce should be
avoided, but is forgiven by God's grace for those who have done so.

12. We believe Jesus is coming back literally and will judge the living and the dead.

13. We believe in a very real Heaven and a very real Hell, just as Jesus describes in the Bible.